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                Welcome to 澳门威尼人斯(Shenzhen) Industrial Co., Ltd
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                Liquid mobile phone shell brand leader - focus on the oil for 20 yearsNews
                Company News
                • Global Sources Mobile Electronics show October 18-21, 2015 AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong SAR Booth number:10P11 Product:iPhone & Samsung case with liquid,
                • In Spet.,350 workers in our factory attend the fire drill,the experts teach them about prevention,extinction and escape.
                • We spent two days to attend this sports meet in 2015, about 400 works attend and there were 20 different sport events.
                • In August 2015,all the elites in our factory attend the ISO starup meeting,including the Director,the general manager,and managers in all departments.The experts teach us how to do to meet the requirement of ISO.